Education Programs

Museum tours, classroom talks, and workshops are linked with the Michigan Department of Education's K-12 Curriculum and Standards in Social Studies, English and Language Arts, Art History, World Languages, and other subjects. Offerings include:

• Interpretative tours of exhibitions
• Historical reenactments
• Special educational and cultural programs for the K-12 community
• Workshops
• Seminars
• Summer camps
• Partnerships and collaboration with schools and organizations that serve the K-12 community

For more information regarding our educational programs visit our upcoming events listing or online calendar, or contact the museum's educational coordinator by calling (313) 494-5869.

Collections, Exhibitions and Library Services
The collections staff is responsible for collecting and maintaining an extensive and rich collection of artifacts, objects and fine art; planning traveling exhibitions; maintaining permanent exhibitions; conceptualizing and creating new exhibitions. For questions about curatorial services, contact the museum's curator by calling (313) 494-5810.

The archives and library staff is responsible for collecting and maintaining the Museum's collections of books, manuscripts, and photographs that document the African American experience in Detroit and the world. The Louise Lovett Wright Research Library is open to the public Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (and evenings depending on building hours), and Saturdays from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm by appointment. To schedule a research visit for you or your group, contact the museum's archivist via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at (313) 494-5840.

Collections & exhibitions staff members are responsible for using the museum's historical resources to support educators, researchers, students, and families. Our staff is continuously engaged in planning and creating online resources, including:

Archives and Research Library Catalog
African American History and Culture Teaching and Learning Modules
Living History, a history of African Americans in Detroit
Underground Railroad: The Struggle Against Slavery

The Contemporary Artist Program (CAP)
The Contemporary Artist Program provides opportunities for local artists to display their work in one of the museum's galleries for three to four months. The subject matter must pertain to African American history and culture. This program introduces museum audiences to innovative contemporary artists who are creating original works in a variety of media. CAP also includes a lecture series to allow a more personal and informative interaction between the visitors, the artist and their work. If you are a local area artist, living in Michigan, with a collection of work pertaining to African American history or culture and would like to participate in this program, contact the museum's CAP Coordinator by calling (313) 494-5813 or download the guidelines and application.

Volunteer and Service Opportunities
The museum has several volunteer opportunities and provides opportunities for high school and college students to earn Volunteer Service Learning Credits during the school year. For more information on participating in Volunteer Service please call (313) 494-5826.