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Willy  Turnip

Have you ever wanted to travel back in time?  Join Willy Turnip and friends as they travel back in time to explore Ancient West Africa’s past through a series of fun adventures! 

These five interactive modules and additional materials (timeline, interactive map, glossary and teacher’s guide) all work together to provide students and teachers with comprehensive knowledge of Ancient West African History and Geography adhering to the Michigan Department of Education’s Social Studies Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCEs) for grade 5, 1st U.S History, 3rd standard, 1st Expectation (5 –UI.3.1) and grade 5, 1st U. S History, 3rd  standard, 2nd Expectation (5-UI.3.2).


Explore the development of West African and World History from 500 BCE to 1800 CE to learn more about how societies change and improve over time.


Can you navigate the continent of Africa?  Discover the geography, politics and regions of Ancient and Modern Africa.


Need help figuring out words from Willy’s adventures?  Pictures, sounds and descriptions will guide you to understanding what words mean.