I, Charles H. Wright: My Story

I, Charles H. Wright: My Story

March 10, 2015 - April 15, 2016

This year, the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History reaches a milestone in the history of the institution - it’s 50th anniversary. To celebrate this august achievement the museum presents an exhibition centered around the life of the man who started it: Charles Howard Wright, M.D. (1918-2002). A great physician, an intellectual of incredible insight, and a man of solemn dedication to his community, through words and images, documents and objects, the exhibition summarizes his expansive legacy.

Throughout his life, Dr. Wright was committed to what he defined as “one of the most important tasks of our times,” ensuring that future generations, especially young African Americans, be made aware of and take pride in the history of their forebears and their remarkable struggle for freedom. The Wright Museum, the largest museum in the world dedicated to the history and culture of African Americans, is the culminating result of his monumental efforts to complete that important task.

Dr. Wright committed his entire adult life to fighting for freedom, justice and equality for all. He challenged discriminatory practices in the health care industry, put himself in harm’s way by directly participating in the civil rights struggle, and developed a philanthropic program to provide financial support to African medical students.

Wright served his community as a gynecologist and obstetrician, institution builder, author, playwright, moviemaker, husband, parent, and much more. Many called him a Renaissance Man; it is clear he was an unwavering Resolute Warrior.

I, Charles H. Wright: My Story is free with museum admission.




During his career, Dr. Wright delivered more than 7,000 babies! If you were one of the many "Wright Babies," please complete the form below and your name will be added to a repository in the Museum’s Archives.