Inspiration Through Art: Works by Darold Gholston and Henry T. Heading

Inspiration Through Art: Works by Darold Gholston and Henry T. Heading

July 25 - October 13, 2013



Henry H.1The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History Contemporary Artists Program is pleased to present the works of Metro Detroit artists, Darold Gholston and Henry T. Heading whose artistic renderings speak to contemporary realism—their perceptions about the beauty of life and the realities of the modern age.


Gholston, who is legally blind, creates Stylized works to which he often alters the natural shapes of his subjects’ faces, and uses multiple forms, colors and textures to add interest. Musicians, for example, are often depicted playing highly charged instruments that appear energized by his use of light, color, and jagged lines.


scan09-lrHeading, on the other hand, employs Magic Realism to create his works of art. It is a style that positions itself between Surrealism and Photorealism, whereby his subjects are rendered with almost photographic accuracy. He incorporates vibrant colors, flat tones, ambiguous perspectives and interesting juxtapositions to suggest an imagined or dream-like reality.


Gholston and Heading’s universal themes touch upon timeless beauty and offer reflections of social values and inspirations of life through art. We are grateful to them for providing their work for our enjoyment.



"Inspiration Through Art:  The Art of Darold Gholston and Henry T. Heading" is free with museum admission.