The King Center Imaging Project

The King Center Imaging Project-1

August 14 - 19, 2012

The King Center Imaging Project was initiated at the request of the King Center, which asked JPMorgan Chase to use its technological expertise and financial resources to digitize Dr. Martin Luther King’s archives and help make them available to new generations of people across the globe.  Previously, the documents had been available solely to scholars who visited Atlanta and viewed them in hard copy format.  But with a team of more than 300, including veterans and students at Spelman and Morehouse colleges, 200,000 documents have been digitized and made available to anyone with access to the internet.  Dr. King’s most celebrated works, including the I Have a Dream speech, the Letter from Birmingham Jail, and his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech, are now available for all to enjoy and appreciate.

To commemorate the archive, JPMorgan Chase has created a traveling exhibit that has been touring the nation.  The Wright Museum was selected to host the exhibit because of its outstanding reputation as an institution of African American history.  The King Center Imaging Project is free and open to the public thanks to the support of JP Morgan Chase.