Eyes on Africa and the African Diaspora: The Photography of Asha Walidah and Bill Gosa

Eyes on Africa and the African Diaspora: The Photography of Asha Walidah and Bill Gosa

April 21 - August 28, 2011

“We are Africans not because we are born in Africa, but because Africa is born in us.” - Chester Higgins Jr.

This exhibition features the work of Asha Walidah and Bill Gosa, fine art photographers who travel the world capturing stunning images that reflect people of African descent in Africa and in the western hemisphere. Walidah's and Gosa’s separate odysseys have taken them to countries in Africa, islands in the Caribbean, and cities in the United States. Their similar subject matter includes portraiture, architecture, landscapes, and genre images. Through the metaphorical eyes of their respective cameras, viewers can see and feel the thread that has bound African people together in spite of the atrocities that could have easily separated us for all time.

While Walidah and Gosa are comparable in their photographic perspective, they are distinct in their photographic style. Walidah uses natural lighting, creates soft lines, and focuses on innate details that evoke artistic interest and interpretation. Gosa, on the other hand, seeks razor-sharp lighting conditions to produce formal alignments and classic lines, resulting in superbly realistic images. Both artists are passionate, powerful, and prolific; their art helps us all gain cultural insight about the people in Africa as well as those living throughout the African Diaspora.

As you view the work of these artists, notice that the location where they took each photograph is listed on the photograph labels, immediately after their names. The Wright Museum is grateful to Walidah and Gosa for sharing their photographic experiences with us.