Here are just some of the words of praise given to the Liberation Film Series. Click here to return to the Liberation Film Series homepage.

“(T)he proposed film series … bristles with provocation, intensity, and relevance. For a generation nurtured on visual images, the Liberation Film Series, proposed by Charles Ferrell, is a perfectly exquisite regimen for future activists. Also, it should be noted that the series is a poignant reminder for "baby boomers" and beyond of films that have significantly captured some of the most redeeming moments of their progressive lives. "Finally Got the News" and "The Black Unicorn" mark important political and cultural milestones in Detroit’s dynamic history.

"But they are just two of the jewels in this series and Ferrell has done a good job of tying them rewardingly together and at the same time with thoughtful attention to diversity.

"In short, Liberation Film Series should be required viewing and attached to some high school or college syllabus because it deftly complements even the most imaginative text book.”

-- Herb Boyd



“This (Liberation) Film Series seeks to cast a penetrating gaze on the unaddressed trauma at the heart of American life – the hidden racial history through which the nation’s defining social, cultural, political and economic structures are articulated. I cannot think of a more urgent conversation to inaugurate. The films chosen for the series will allow a unique and productive entry into these needed debates.”

-- Satvinder “Sut” Jhally



“The Liberation Film Series brings into focus a crucial period in African American History, providing insight into historical, political and cultural events that changed the character of the black community as it challenged the established order and blazed alternative paths toward freedom. Presentations by scholars and actual participants of this social movement enhance the series, making it a great complement for educational curriculums and for general audiences as underappreciated activists are illuminated and the nuances of historical realities are revealed.”

-- Melba Joyce Boyd


"It [The Liberation Film Series] is a very good series and deserves support."
-- Dr. De Witt S. Dykes, Jr., Associate Professor of History Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan


 "I am extremely excited to participate and kick-off the Liberation Film Series with 'The Untold Story of Emmett Till.' Coming off the heels of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington and the 58th Anniversary to the murder of Emmett Louis Till, it is important that we recognize and pay homage to those who have contributed to our liberation. This Series is timely and I look forward to great dialogue that will continue to fuel our movement for change."

-- Keith Beauchamp, Filmmaker


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