The Wright Museum

Blackness, Africans And African Americans:

Complex Solidarities And Beauty | Lecture and Q&A

Tuesday, September 17, 2019 at 6 PM


Photo by Ali Ghandtschi 

"Blackness, Africans And African Americans: Complex Solidarities And Beauty" is a #lecture delivered by Mũkoma wa Ngũgĩ, Ph.D.

When an African and an African American meet, solidarity is presumed, but often friction can be the result. By asking what happens when two peoples suffering from double consciousness meet, Dr. Mũkoma will explore how historical forces including #slavery, #colonialism, #panAfricanism and #globalization have colored how Africans and African Americans see each other politically and culturally.

Immediately following the lecture will be a Q&A session, and a book signing of "Nairobi Heat" and "Black Star Nairobi."

Held in the General Motors Theater, this event is free and open to the public!

About Mũkoma wa Ngũgĩ, Ph.D.

Mũkoma wa Ngũgĩ, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of English, Cornell University, Co-Founder of Mabati-Cornell Kiswahili Prize for African Literature & The Global South Project at Cornell University, and the son of world-renowned Kenyan writer, Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o.

Contact Dr. Mũkoma:

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @KiswahiliPrize
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