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We Found Hip Hop Presents Culture as Capital


Led by Piper Carter (co-Founder of We Found Hip Hop) with special guests from Oakland University: Dr. Kellie Hay (Associate Professor in Critical Cultural Studies) & Rebekah Farrugia (Associate Professor & Graduate Program Director in Media Studies). Hip Hop's emergence in global cities through multiple, devastating wars (psychological, physical, and cultural) answers and questions global economic restructuring of our communities. This presentation brings together artists, activists and academics to stage new conversations about women of color and women of color feminisms across Hip Hop's cultural forms.

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Using media to address the role, images, and treatment of women in Hip-Hop we critique and disrupt status quo narratives and present investigations about value systems and structures of violence and human value, the politics of aesthetics, and women of color feminism. Participants walk away with a greater understanding of the value of women in Hip Hop as a culture across disciplines:

Art (Graffiti/Street Art etc.), Dance (B-Girling), Technology (DJing/Music Production/Video), Words (Emceeing/Freestyling/Writing/Rhyming/Poetry), and Culture (the Knowledge Element of reading, observing video and listening to audio media, discussion). 

This event will pose questions about the portrayal of women in the media, sexual harassment, career opportunities, and gender and race discrimination. It will inform and empower women and girls through media clips, performance, and a discussion. It will also feature live performances by our all-woman band lead by musical director Aisha Ellis, featuring several of Detroit's incredible artists: Boog Brown, Joi Tiffany, Sanaa Su, Frankie B., Dorthea Thomas, Princess Covergirl Taylor, Dj Haintso, DJ Sassie Blaque, & Alexn Wundrland. Following the performance will be a reception where guests can interact with the artists and purchase their merchandise.

The media shown: Detroit Women In Hip Hop a short documentary by Piper Carter. This candid film serves as a glimpse of an ongoing dialogue with women who identify as Hip Hop Artists. It provides an opportunity and platform for people to address, discuss, and challenge their feelings on Hip-Hop and the way they are receiving messages in culture.

This program presented by The Education Department and The Department of Public Programs of The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History and is open to all ages, teens, adults, students, professors, faculty, and community are welcome. This session will be a general discussion around some of the popular/mainstream images of Women that we see or hear on a daily basis. I will present about some of the work I have been doing with Women involved to provide a different perspective or point-of-view that a lot of the people won't necessarily know about. Piper will also incorporate different multimedia, videos and music clips, to emphasize certain points and frame the conversation. A healthy question and answer period will be offered following the presentation.

About We Found Hip Hop:

Wondering where all the women in Hip Hop had gone, Piper Carter along with legendary Detroit emcees Miz Korona & Invincible decided to be proactive and honor the contributions of women in Hip-Hop in a weekly event they created in 2009 called “The Foundation: Celebrating Women in Hip Hop”. That no-misogyny open-mic went on for 5 years strong growing into what is now a social enterprise organization called We Found Hip Hop L3C that is co-owned by Nina Payne of Foundation Management. The social impact of Hip Hop is a cultural revolution which crosses borders, inspires ideas & influences behaviors. Encouraging freedom of expression, healthy competition, independent thought, & positive self-identity, this weekly event evolved into a movement focusing on redefining the vital role of women in Hip Hop. Our mission is to educate and empower the community through sharing love of the arts, inspire change and growth, build leadership, and influence the perceptions and roles of women in Hip Hop for current and future generations. We Found Hip Hop brings international, national and local girls and women together in Detroit through music, dance, visual & performing arts, fashion, film, with emphasis on Hip Hop specific media: open mic, freestyle cypher, graffiti, to present a series of showcases, performances and workshops supporting, and creating empowering images of women.

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About Piper Carter:

Piper Carter lives inside Detroit city. She is an arts and culture organizer in entertainment justice, education justice, maker space, environmental justice, and food justice communities. She is host of the Piper Carter Podcast on Detroit is Different where she discusses social justice and Hip Hop to a world wide audience. She is an image maker, fashion photographer, featured four times on Tyra Banks’ VH1 TV show The Shot, the first Black woman to shoot for high end publications such as French Vogue, British Elle, New York Times, Spin, & Essence Magazine, & emerging talent for music companies such as Def Jam, Sony Music, Warner Music, Universal Music, Disturbing tha Peace, Elektra Records, & Television Cast Images for BET. She is co-Founder of We Found Hip Hop (The Foundation, uplifting, celebrating, and supporting Women in Hip Hop create and build careers in a safer environment). She is creator of Dilla Youth Day (dedicated to providing S.T.E.A.M. education to underserved and marginalized youth in Detroit). She is also creator and Editor-In-Chief for (a sustainable fashion magazine promoting zero waste and international trade).

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