The Wright Museum

#WeGlobal: African American Living Abroad 

February 23, 2019 from 2 - 4 PM



African Americans have traveled globally and lived abroad for centuries, but only part of their story has been told. There have been ebbs and flows of this voluntary movement, but we are currently witnessing an unprecedented level of travel and expatriation. Why have African Americans decided to move abroad? Where have they gone?  What are the characteristics of this group? It is difficult to fully analyze these questions because there has never been a global survey of African Americans who are living abroad. 


Come hear Dr. Deborah Robinson and Dr. Rashida Braggs talk about African Americans who have lived, and are currently living abroad, as well as the latest on the global survey being undertaken with The University of Michigan.


Dr. Deborah Robinson is the Director of the African Americans Living Abroad Research and Education Organization and is Co-Principal Investigator on the #WeGlobal study.  She has lived, worked in, or traveled to 75 countries to date.  Dr. Robinson has taught at several different educational institutions and previously was the Executive Director of International Possibilities Unlimited.  IPU was very involved in both the UN World Conference Against Racism and UN World Summit on Sustainable Development.  She received her BA from Williams College, her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, and her MBA from the University of Geneva in Switzerland.

Dr. Rashida K. Braggs is Associate Professor in Africana Studies at Williams College. Her background in performance studies prompts her consistent study of African diasporic cultural expressions via a performative lens. Her book Jazz Diasporas: Race, Music and Migration in Post-World War II Paris (2016) investigates African American jazz musicians and jazz production as they migrated to 1946-1963 Paris.  As a scholar-performer, Braggs also creates performances that mix acting, dancing, singing and spoken word. Dr. Braggs received her BA from Yale University, her MS from Boston University, and her Ph.D. from Northwestern University.

Free and open to the public, this event will be held in the GM Theater.

Join our speakers after the lecture for Q&A and a book signing!