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mod1 Module 2 Lesson 2 - West African Family Structure - Glossary
Word Definition
big father

a child's oldest paternal uncle.


related through one's father.

little father

a child's youngest paternal uncle.


related through one's mother.

  big mother

a child's oldest maternal aunt.

  little mother

a child's youngest maternal aunt.


a term for male cousin.


a term for female cousin.

  griot a storyteller from West Africa; used dance, music, drama and poetry to tell the history of a clan, king and/or village
  harvest to collect crops.
  harrow a tool used for plowing the land.
  darra the name of the village school in West Africa.
  marabout a teacher in the Gambia
  clergyman a man who is a member of the religious leadership of a given religion
  corporal punishment hurting a person in order to change their bad behavior.
  famine extreme lack of food in a country or region.
  garden eggs these are tiny eggplants, the size of an egg or smaller popular in preparing meals in West Africa. Their color ranges from white to greenish-yellow.
  transcend to go beyond a limit or range.