And Still We Rise-associated workshops including $2 per person Make & Take activities

The museum offers engaging workshops developed for children from preschool to high school grade levels. The interactive workshop settings complement the long-term and short-term exhibitions, and thereby encourage exploration and appreciation of the histories and cultures of Africa and the African Diaspora. The workshops enhance and/or reinforce the participant’s knowledge base in social studies, language arts, geography and visual arts.

Ring of Genealogy – High School through Adult

Visitors will become the genealogical researcher of their own family history. Beginning with a tour of the Ring of Genealogy art mural, techniques are discussed that can help anyone become the family historian.

African Flags – Grades 3 - 9

Every country has a flag with distinctive symbols and colors related to their history and culture. Students will make a flag from the African Diaspora and learn about the history of each flag’s adoption, where each nation is located on the map of Africa and the meaning of the symbols. Using precut materials, they will make their own replicas of a flag, and compare the symbolism of the flag of the United States of America with those in Africa.

Restoring the Dream – Grades 6 - 9

Students will explore the role of marches and peaceful protests in the Civil Rights Movement by touring the “And Still We Rise” exhibit and viewing a slideshow of peaceful protests. They can create a picket sign that expresses social changes in their community. We will focus on everyday issues: promoting education, preventing drug usage, ending violence and many more.

Treasure Hunt – Grades 6 - 12

A comprehensive search and answer quiz for use while on tour of the “And Still We Rise” exhibit encourages students to use their problem solving skills to determine the meaning of words, phrases and techniques used to enslave Africans. Discover what led to slavery, how slaves escaped, and even secret codes and the development of the African American Culture.

Underground Railroad Pictograms – Grades K - 3

Pictograms are simple pictures without words that everyone can understand. By using contemporary pictograms as examples, children will create their own Underground Railroad pictogram communicating a message of their choice.