Bent, But Unbroken

Bent, But Unbroken

July 28, 2017 - October 29, 2017

Bent, But Unbroken, is an exhibition celebrating the resilience of women.

Things that can bend seldom break. Under the crushing weight of history, women have become particularly adept at weathering storms; Unbroken by the harshest conditions that could make them snap, but instead, makes them stronger.

News footage covering tropical hurricanes become highlight reels of destruction. Gusts of wind tearing up rooftops, houses crumbling under torrents of rain; a scene set in which armies of palm trees double-over under the weight of the storm, valiantly weather the wrath. After the storm subsides, the coast laid to ruin, the palm tree remains standing—worn and weathered, but unbroken. Unlike other trees, the palm tree is uniquely built. Fortified from its core to its leaves, it can practically bend in half in the midst of a disaster. Some things in this world are literally built to better withstand the worst of what life has to throw at it. Engineered to bend when we should break, the resilience of women throughout time is proof of that.

The art in this exhibition depicts the way women have remained unbroken throughout the trials of history. From enslavement to segregation, witch hunts to honor killings, women have fought back, and have remained standing throughout the atrocities of time: arranged marriages, child brides, ritual servitude, acid attacks, forced prostitution, rape, stalking, domestic abuse, the continuous denial of their basic rights and autonomy, and still woman stand tall. In the face of unrelenting violence, woman are defiant, unyielding, undefeated; bent, but unbroken.


Work in this exhibition reflects the power and resilience of women. It deals directly or abstractly with issues affecting women, and women’s unique ability to rise in the face of adversity, and overcome.

Bent, But Unbroken is free with museum admission.


This Exhibition is in partnership with Things Feel Heavy