Transitions of Walter Bailey: An Artist's Restrospective

Transitions of Walter Bailey: An Artist's Retrospective

January 14 - July 23, 2017

Transitions of Walter Bailey: An Artist's Retrospective features 50 years of Bailey's artwork from the 1950's to the present. Divided into four sections, the exhibition begins with early-childhood pencil drawings, his black expressionism work, "experimental era," and ends with his current "Art Ain't Flat No Mo" work. Bailey says, "My next transition will reflect (my) desire to explore new themes, styles, and genres for the next tumultuous decade."

This exhibition exemplifies the beautiful and evolutionary changes of Bailey’s artistry. As you view the work, you will also notice Bailey’s distinctive use of words and fonts. “aCRYLONIC arts,” for example, is his term for acrylic arts. In this way, he shapes and molds more than his medium of acrylic paint and polymer plastic, he also constructs words to help accentuate the uniqueness of his paintings.

Within his work, Bailey focuses on African American history, culture, and activism. He gives back to the community through education and outreach. He says, “Through art as well as mentoring, I wish to pass [my] experiences to the next generation of visionaries.” Bailey is also a dedicated volunteer at The Wright Museum. We thank him for his many selfless hours working at this institution and for sharing this exceptional exhibition with us all.

Organized by the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in 1999, the Contemporary Artists Program (CAP) features new and exciting art created by emerging and established artists. The purpose of CAP is to provide artists a venue where new audiences can see their work and an opportunity to gain professional and public recognition.

book-tourTransitions of Walter Bailey: An Artist's Retrospective is free with museum admission.