Shaping the Vessel: Mascoll + Samuel

Shaping the Vessel: Mascoll + Samuel

February 1 - June 25, 2017

This exhibition of twenty-six exquisite works in wood celebrates two artists at the pinnacle of their careers – John Mascoll and Avelino Samuel – whose first tool, a wood lathe given to the world by the ancient Egyptians, has served as a springboard to imagination, flights of fancy, and ingenuity.

Just as Michelangelo freed David from a block of marble, Mascoll and Samuel ponder nature’s beauty, seeking what lies within each gift of wood. Each artist uses an ancient tool to shape the vessel, yet much of the design, execution, and signature work is accomplished after the turned vessel is removed from the lathe. The elements of line and form are critical to their work but their artistry is unleashed through the tools, embellishments, and genius that only they possess.

Curated by Charles Farrar, Shaping the Vessel: Mascoll + Samuel highlights the mastery — and remarkable achievement — of two artists who have elevated the development of their art form. It is their work, which occurs after the lathe that has propelled them to acclaim among the best working in the medium today.

book-tourShaping the Vessel: Mascoll + Samuel is organized by the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture, and is free with museum admission.