The Wright Museum


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Cinetopia Film Festival at The Wright

White Colour Black
Sunday, June 11, 2017 at 4:30 PM

Speaker: Joseph A. Adesunloye, Director, Writer and Producer, born in Lagos, Nigeria and raised in London, has a MA of Arts in English Literature and Film Studies from the University of Aberdeen and attended the London Film Academy.

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This film will give you another lens through which to view the complex world of Africa.  Leke (played by supermodel DUDLEY O’SHAUGHNESSY), a successful young London-based photographer, travels to Senegal to bury his estranged father.  This beautifully shot film doesn’t waste time explaining the complicated backstory of how the biracial Leke ended up in London, but instead focuses on his attempt to reconcile his feelings as he tries to relate to the land of his father and the culture he left behind.