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Film: For The Cause

Welcome: Michael Ingram, M.D. - President, Black Psychiatrist of America, Inc.
Moderator: Tiffani Bell, M.D. - Board Trustee, Member in Training - Black Psychiatrist of America, Inc.

Katherine Nero - Filmmaker/Director
Patricia A. Newton, M.D., M.P.H., M.A.- Ex. Dir./CEO, Black Psychiatrist of America, Inc.

Followed by Q&A

The Black Psychiatrists of America, Inc. (BPA) ( is a professional medical association founded in 1969 to address the mental health needs of underserved and underrepresented populations with particular emphasis on persons of African descent at a national and global level.

This LFS screening of FOR THE CAUSE, a riveting feature film by Katherine Nero about legal advocacy and family dynamics focused on generational secrets and their socio-psychological impact, is part of BPA’s spring educational conference, CIVIC MENTAL HEALTH: Developing An Agenda For Healing Our Communities and The Nation which will be held at the MGM Grand -  Detroit, April 9 - 11, 2015. *

About The Film
The film, shot in Chicago, stars Charlette Speigner, Shariba Rivers and Eugene Parker. The Plot: Mirai Scott (Speigner), “a civil rights attorney, who is contacted by her father (Parker), a former Black Panther who went underground 30 years ago to escape a murder charge and who urges her to take his case. Initially, Mirai is hesitant to defend a man she doesn’t know.  However, her passion for justice and curiosity about her father takes over, and she commits herself wholeheartedly to his defense, despite warnings from her boyfriend, and her mother (Rivers). However, Mirai’s attempt to win her father’s freedom uncovers painful and dangerous secrets from her parents’ past."

For the Cause Trailer (2013) from For the Cause - The Movie on Vimeo.

About Katherine Nero
Katherine Nero, a native Chicagoan, is a graduate of Northwestern University, where she earned a BA in Political Science and an MA in Radio-Television-Film.  She has written, produced and directed numerous short films and free-lanced on various film, video and television productions.  She was selected as a finalist for the ABC/Disney Screenwriting Fellowship in 2001. In July 2012, Katherine directed her first feature-length film, For the Cause, which she also wrote and produced.  For the Cause debuted in August 2013 at the Black Harvest Film Festival.  In October 2013, the film was awarded “Outstanding Film of the Year” by the African American Arts Alliance of Chicago. For the Cause also received the 2014 Paul Robeson Awards “Honorable Mention” in the Long Narrative category at the Newark Black Film Festival.

* Endorsement Statement by the Committee of Black Psychiatrists of the Council of Minority Mental Health and Health Disparities Resolution Against Racism, Racial Discrimination and Their Adverse Impact on Mental Health:

The issue of racism and racial discrimination has been recognized by the American Psychiatric Association as a contributor to ongoing health and mental health disparities, and as a significant contributor to diminishing optimal mental functioning in individuals and communities who are the victims of racism as evidenced by cross cultural empirical studies. Individual, structural and perceived racism can be broken down into subtypes that broadly impact all of society. The changing demographics in America, increasing health care costs and the persistence of health care disparities highlight the necessity of a firm position from the American Psychiatric Association about racism and racial discrimination.

The Black Psychiatrists of America heartily endorses the Resolution against Racism and Racial Discrimination as put forward by the Committee of Black Psychiatrists and the Council of Minority Mental Health and Health Disparities.

This third season of the Liberation Film Series (LFS) is focused on Human Rights: Self-Respect, Self-Defense and Self-Determination. Each year this acclaimed, nationally supported and hard-hitting series promotes literacy, independent thought, critical analysis and informed activism. LFS thrives to engage the youth, families, the grassroots community, and scholar-activists in educational films and “community conversations” of contemporary relevance that focus on creating learning opportunities, increased clarity, and new solutions to current and emerging sociopolitical challenges.

On April 12, 1964, just over fifty years ago, Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik El Shabazz) stated: “We are fighting for recognition as human beings. We are fighting for the right to live as free humans in this society. In fact, we are actually fighting for rights that are even greater than civil rights and that is human rights.” It is in this spirit that the Liberation Film Series is offered for your full participation and edification. Spread the word.

The Liberation Film Series is supported by the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History and the Black/African Studies Departments of Michigan State University, Edwards and Jennings, P.C., National Conference of Black Lawyers, Wolverine Bar Association, Detroit Metropolitan Bar Association, University of Michigan - Dearborn, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, Wayne State University, Eastern Michigan University, Wayne County Community College District, Oakland University, University of Massachusetts – Amherst, National Council of Black Studies, Dr. Errol Henderson (Pennsylvania State University), Media Education Foundation, The Walter P. Reuther Library – Wayne State University, Detroit Metropolitan Bar Association, Wayne State University Press, Michigan Humanities Council, community activists, and individual contributors. Charles Ezra Ferrell, a consultant to The Wright Museum, is the LFS Founder and Program Director.

All films and discussions are free and open to the public, and take place in the Museum's General Motors Theater.
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