Black Marriage Day


In 2002 Nisa Muhammad, founder of the Wedded Bliss Foundation, wanted to take her nonprofit initiative promoting healthy relationships among African-Americans to another level. The Washington, D.C., wife and mother wanted to provide a widespread, dedicated forum for celebrating a family institution that, during slavery, was once legally denied to black people in this country. And, in so doing, to also address the reality that African Americans have become the nation’s least likely racial or ethnic group to get or stay married.

From Muhammad’s ambition came Black Marriage Day, a celebration that has gained considerable momentum since first being observed in 30 or so communities in 2003. Black Marriage Day events are now held every March – typically during the third weekend of the month – at city halls, community centers, houses of worship and other locations in more than 300 metropolitan areas nationwide.

Enter the Marriage Resource Center here in Greater Detroit, which began hosting a Black Marriage Day dinner at The Wright Museum in 2008. By 2011, the group aligned with the museum, and with educator, psychologist and ordained minister Kenya Ayers, PhD, to host a Black Marriage Day event that gave folks a chance to feast, win great prizes, gain valuable insight and more. From choreographed dance performances by married couples, to the screening of a documentary on black couples touting marriage from their personal experiences, to a luncheon featuring a popular local comedian and more, Black Marriage Day has been well received at The Wright Museum year after year. Click the links below to see how:



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