The Wright Museum

This program will focus on Hollis Watkins, a native Mississippian who was engaged in the nationally recognized, grassroots organization called the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). He details his experience as a part of this ground breaking committee and its impact on his life's work in his book, Brother Hollis: Sankofa of a Movement Man.

Threaded throughout Hollis' book, is an analysis and criticism of the establishment of black leadership within the US. Watkins makes an important distinction between the NAACP’s national leadership and its local leadership to show the diversity of ideology, strategy, and commitment by local Movement workers to the common folk of Mississippi.

Hollis Watkins is the Founder and President of Southern Echo, Inc., a leadership development and education organization that provides training and technical assistance to individuals and organizations throughout the South in the areas of politics, education, and environmental concerns. He is active on the campaign trail in Mississippi, helping to elect officials that are representative of the constituents within the communities of Mississippi. He is truly a political advocate.

For 51 years Hollis has organized efforts to help communities block toxic waste facilities, stop toxic agricultural practices, and achieve more effective black political representation through redistricting.  He is a co-founder and the current Board Chairman of Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement, and serves on the boards of Highlander Research & Education Center and Southern Sustainable Agricultural Working Group (SSAWG).