The Wright Museum

Think: A Tribute to the Queen of Soul
September 25, 2018 - January 21, 2019

Aretha Franklin—The Queen of Soul! Described by many as family oriented, very private, a Diva, hard working, shy, down to earth, business savvy, and a singing-songwriting genius. In short, she was an enigma. The whole world was on a first name basis with her. We all called her Aretha.

Aretha was an icon of the music industry. And when she sang, it was as if she were giving each of us a private concert. How could she have known our pain, joy, love, loneliness, and our desire for freedom and equality? She knew because she was one of us.

Organized by the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Think: A Tribute to the Queen of Soul honors Aretha’s life and legacy. We are grateful to our Queen for sharing her exuberant voice and music, and we salute her for being a shining example of strength and perseverance, even until her life’s end.

The Wright Museum appreciates the photographers who loaned their works of art to this project, and thanks the sponsors who supported it.