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Voices of the Civil War Episode 6
Voices of the Civil War Episode 6 "Overwhelming Numbers and Resources"
Wed, Jul 18 
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The Voices of the Civil War is a five-year film series dedicated to celebrating and commemorating the Civil War over the course of the sesquicentennial. Each month, new episodes cover pertinent topics that follow the monthly events and issues as they unfolded for African Americans during the Civil War.  Within these episodes there are various primary sources – letters and diaries, newspaper reports, and more - to recount various experiences of blacks during this period. We encourage your feedback and commentary through our Voices of the Civil War blog:

In Episode 6, "Overwhelming Numbers and Resources," we look at the difference between the North and the South in regards to manpower and resources.  Why was the Confederate army, representing territories with less than half the population of the North, confident they could win the Civil War?  View this and previous episodes at .

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