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"Cookies Do Crumble," an Autobiography by Dr. Claudia Wells-Hamilton (Book Signing and Q&A)
Sun, Mar 30  3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Classrooms - Detroit
Book Signing


Enjoy a book signing and Q&A session with Dr. Claudia Wells-Hamilton, author of the autobiographical book, Cookies Do Crumble.

Cookies Do Crumble chronicles the author's life and tells how she overcame bullying, religious ridicule, domestic abuse, civil rights unrest, the death of loved ones, cancer, and other challenges. It is an inspirational book and shows how the author turned obstacles into opportunities to persevere with grace and dignity. Perfect for all ages, Cookies Do Crumble will have all readers coming away with coping strategies for facing challenges.

This event is free and open to the public. For more information, please call (313) 494-5800.

About the Author

Claudia Wells-Hamilton is the oldest child born to the late Bishop Wyoming Wells and the late Mary Potts Wells in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her childhood was spent in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, and she later completed an undergraduate degree and two graduate degrees. Claudia chose to be an educator from the beginning of her tenure and considered herself to be an agent of change. In addition to serving as a classroom teacher in both rural and urban environments, she also served as a department head, an assistant principal, and a principal in a high needs school in the Detroit Public Schools.

Her unique teaching style and rapport with students enabled her to be an excellent mediator and mentor. She always established a positive relationship with the community, and thus, when conferences were held, she had an uncanny ability to ease the possibility of tension and to get positive results.

After forty-three years of service in the public schools, Claudia retired in 1994. Her service was extended to her church, the Church of God in Christ, of which she has been a lifelong member. In 2008, Dr. Hamilton was awarded the Church of God in Christ Women of Achievement Award as a district missionary by the National Supervisor of Women.

She and her husband, Edmond Scott Hamilton, also a retired educator, are world travelers and are enjoying their leisure time with their three adult children and their grandchildren. She continues to welcome an opportunity to serve.

Dr. Hamilton served in positions of classroom teacher of Honors English (Redford High School, 1964-1968); English Department Head (Post Junior High School, 1968-1970); Mettetal Junior High School (1970-1976); Unit Head (Guest Middle School, 1976-1980); Assistant Principal (Martin Luther King, Jr. Senior High School, 1980-1987); and Principal (Southeastern Senior High School, 1987-1994 retirement).


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